The Good Fortune of Café Twist

We’re fortunate!

As a manufacturer of products that are sold in grocery stores and other retail outlets, we are always excited when we meet people who love our products. Yet, because of the nature of selling through retailers, this experience does not happen to us enough. We know people love our soft pretzels; we get their emails and phone calls daily. But we don’t get to see their smiling faces when they bite into one of our gourmet soft pretzels.

That’s not why we are fortunate. This is….

In May of this year, as many of your know, we opened the first Kim & Scott’s Café Twist. A café located in the heart of trendy Lincoln Park, a family-filled neighborhood on the north side of Chicago, Café Twist is a way for us to get closer to our customer, and share the delight as they (you) enjoy our unique sandwiches served on a gourmet soft pretzel, heated to perfection.

We love watching the faces, talking to the customers, listening to your ideas about new flavors, and understanding what makes you a Kim & Scott’s fan. It also gives us the great opportunity to listen to how we can be an even better company, offering better products, and serving as a better member of the community.

We love the Café because it allows us to be closer to you, our customer. We relish the opportunity to share our love of pretzels, and the Café is one of the ways in which we can establish a stronger shared bond between you and us.

The Café has had a great first 3 months, and yet we know we can be so much more. If you live in Chicago, stop in, say hi, and enjoy a truly unique experience. And if Chicago is on your travel plans, we are only 15 minutes north of downtown Chicago. Make sure you stop in for the most unique pretzel experience you’ve ever had.

And thanks for making Kim & Scott’s Café Twist a great, early success for us, in so many ways!


2 responses to “The Good Fortune of Café Twist

  1. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Cafe–thanks for being allergy aware! I reviewed your Cafe on my blog:

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