Working with Purpose

When new employees first join Kim & Scott’s, one of the unique attributes that comes across immediately is that the Company is different from most other profit-making ventures. Sure, Kim & Scott’s is a company that wants to make a profit; just like any business, without profits, the business goes away.

But Kim & Scott’s is more than just about profits. As both Kim & Scott like to share, they operate the business under the mantra of “Pretzels with a Purpose.” It is this underlying theme of purpose that makes the company so unique, so special.

But understanding Pretzels with a Purpose is not as easy as one might think, not because it is so complicated, but simply because most companies never strive to operate in this manner, let alone actually achieve it.

So what does Pretzels with a Purpose actually mean…?

It is the sharing of one’s passion for helping one another

It is the inspiration to make a difference in the lives of every person you meet

It is the desire to give back to the community that has given so much to us

It is the ability to differentiate between “winning at all costs” and “winning through the betterment of others”

It is the goal of empowering others to pursue their dreams

It is the underlying foundation for how we approach our business, how we view our co-workers, and how we value and cherish our customers.

Pretzels with a Purpose is simply that…striving to live life with purpose, every hour, every day.

It is the difference between being involved with an everyday company, and being involved with Kim & Scott’s.

2 responses to “Working with Purpose

  1. I have to say that Kim & Scott’s has been an awesome sponsor partner of the 2010 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Out of the Darkness 5K walk in Chicagoland this year providing us with snacks at events and scheduled to come to our walk on 9/25 at the Chicago Botanic Gardens!! They definitely are true to giving back to the community and others less fortunate. Kim & Scott’s should be a role model for all other small businesses around the world. It would be so much better of a planet if all were to participate so actively. (PLUS it helps that they are delicious!!)

    Thank you so much Kim & Scott’s!!
    Lisa Miller
    Co-Chair 2010 Out of the Darkness Community Walk

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