Pretzel Dad’s Den: Super Charged OJ


In this week’s Pretzel Dad’s Den, throw away those vitamin D supplements and grab yourself some of Florida’s finest orange juice.  Pretzel Dad Scott shared an article with us this week about the fortification of orange juice.  These days we’re not just drinking plain ol’ OJ.  It’s been supercharged with vitamin D, which a recent study proved produces the same increases in blood levels as consuming the vitamin via capsules. This is great news for you parents who have a tough time getting your kids to take their vitamins!

For those of you in the Southern states, vitamin D levels stay strong all year long.  But for us Northerners, vitamin D levels are so weak during the winter months that our body doesn’t produce the vitamin at all, meaning that dietary supplements and fortified foods are seen by many as the best way to boost intakes of vitamin D.

Make sure you’re washing down your Kim & Scott’s breakfast pretzel in the morning with a tall glass of OJ!

Click HERE to read the whole article.


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