Add a ‘lil Twist to Your Breakfast

Stuffed Bagel

For those of you in Chicago, Kim & Scott’s Cafe Twist is now serving breakfast! Start your morning off right with one of our refreshing fruit smoothies, a turkey bacon and cheese sandwich, or even a cream cheese stuffed bagel. We’re open early (7am Mon-Fri, 8am Sat-Sun) and would love to add a little TWIST to your morning commute or weekend brunch.

Not a Chicagoan?  You’re still able to spend breakfast with us by ordering our delicious Cinnamon Roll Pretzels online. Stuffed with a buttery, brown sugar and cinnamon filling and topped with a crispy crumb topping. As if that wasn’t enough, we then drizzle layers of creamy white chocolate icing on top. A taste of a cinnamon roll in every bite!

Click here to have this new take on the old breakfast favorite shipped right to your door >>

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