Breakfast Pretzel v. Bagel: the Showdown

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Kim & Scott's Breakfast Pretzel


3 responses to “Breakfast Pretzel v. Bagel: the Showdown

  1. susan mendelsohn

    Hi Monique,

    I don’t eat this type of food for breakfasts, however my kids would probably beg for it. I might buy it for them as a special treat.

  2. Hi Q,

    Both sound tasty, but would probably go with the bagel since it’s for breakfast.

    BUT, if I were to be told that the pretzel is a healthier choice (less fat, carbs, sugars), perhaps I’d reconsider.

    Hope this helps – miss you,

  3. Whether I buy it or not depends on what it was stuffed with. If it was like a pastry, I would be more likely to buy it than stuffed with frozen eggs, etc….
    But you know me and my sweet tooth!

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