Huff Po Crew’s Impromptu Review

Huffington PostThe crew at the Huffington Post partook in an impromptu Kim & Scott’s taste test recently and was especially fond of our Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Crumb and Cheddar Jalapeno flavors (What a fantastic day at the office right?).  Here’s what these Huff Po staffers had to say:

>> Favorite Pretzel: Cheddar Jalapeno

– The cheese filling was delicious. Very smooth, flavorful and exactly what I wanted when I bit inside (Cheddar Jalapeno).
– The pretzel looks fantastic. Nicely brown and made me wish other actual pizzas had a pretzel crust (Pizza Pretzel).
– The crunchy cinnamon on top of the soft pretzel made for a nice feel in my mouth (Cinnamon Roll).
– Very, very good. Tasted just like those gooey Cinnabon rolls I used to get in the mall (Cinnamon Roll).

>>Favorite Pretzel: Cinnamon Roll

– The cinnamon was great (perfect maybe) – tasted like Cinnabun! (Cinnamon Roll)
– The chocolate tasted like brownie mix (Chocolate Crumb).

>>Favorite Pretzel: Jalapeno Cheddar

– I’m not a big chocolate fan, but I gobbled the chocolate pretzel up in a second. It was decadent and wonderful! (Chocolate Crumb)
– The jalapeno cheddar pretzel was my favorite! It was deliciously cheesy and had the perfect amount of jalapeno flavoring (Jalapeno Cheddar).

Thanks HuffPo for your candid review!  What’s your favorite Kim & Scott’s flavor???

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