MLK Day with Kim & Scott

MLK P4P Effort
With Martin Luther King Day being a national day of service, we wanted to find a meaningful way to share our pretzels on this day and make a difference!  With the kids home from school, we rounded up a group and headed to our pretzel bakery.  Together, we wrote inspiring notes to attach on our individually wrapped chocolate dipped pretzel sticks with messages like “Believe in Yourself”, “Have Hope” and “Follow Your Dreams”, along with “Pretzel Power!” (the Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels message of empowering others).  The kids then affixed the messages to the pretzel rods, boxed them, and we delivered the packages to local homeless shelters around Chicago.  When all was said and done, over 1200 of the delicious treats were shared!  Some of the places we visited included St. Sylvester’s Church and Shelter, Lincoln Park Community Shelter, New Moms, and the Inspiration Café, where the kids handed out the pretzel sticks and shared in the spirit of supporting our world community.   

Talk about Pretzels for Peace!


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