Pretzel Power in Action at Libby School

Kim & Scott recently had an incredible time as acting “Principal’s for a Day” at Libby School on Chicago’s South Side, made possible by the Urban Initiatives Program.  Throughout the day, Kim & Scott lived pretzels with a purpose and shared “Pretzel Power” with all the students, teachers, and administrators of the school.  This included “Twist ‘n Top with Kim & Scott” (twisting and topping pretzels), sitting in on an inspiring drumming class where students made beats on plastic drums, and breakout advisory groups where Kim & Scott had one on one time with the students.  During these group sessions, the students were able to talk freely about issues going on in their lives.  Kim & Scott emphasized the importance of staying in school, believing in your dreams and at the close of the group session, talked through their “Twisted Tips for Entrepreneurs.”  Kim & Scott were also able to have lunch with the school principal and a few teachers, who Kim says were “Very committed incredible teachers.”  Thanks Libby School!


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