Worn Out. Play On.


Here at Kim & Scotts we are turning our old sports shoes into places to play! That’s Nike’s slogan for its innovative recycling program, Reuse-A-Shoe, the ultimate in recycling.  “Nike has a vision of a closed loop business – where waste at different stages of operations, to the product at the end of its life, can be

We are collecting our old worn out sports shoes so they can live on again as a running track, a basketball court, a playground.  Any brand of sports shoe. Any size. Any style. Here are some great ways our shoes are being used:

1. A shoe’s outsole is used to make rubber for track and playground surfacing.
2. The midsole is used as a cushion for outdoor basketball and tennis courts.
3. The fabric upper is used to create cushioning pads for indoor basketball and volleyball courts.

Nike has collected more than 23,580,589 pairs of shoes GLOBALLY since 1990. Check out www.nikereuseashoe.com for more information – and a cool video explaining how the process works.

FYI – Locally, here in Chicago, the closest Nike court is at the Chicago Youth Center at 231 S. Jefferson, where there is an Indoor Basketball court made of recycled sports shoes. Cool!

We will be collecting until Labor Day – when our top Chef  will be traveling to NikeTown downtown Chicago to make our donation!

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