What’s Your Favorite Pretzel?

I’m here at our magical Pretzel Bakery,

Where we are currently making our Savory Herb & Cream Cheese Pretzel – YUMMY!

I am so tempted to take one directly off the oven line,

And claim it mine oh mine!

This delicious pretzel is one of my favorites I have to say,

But it makes me wonder what yours are today?

The first 5 people to tell me their favorite pretzel in a comment box below,

Will receive ONE FREE RETAIL BOX COUPON and to the grocery store you will go!



14 responses to “What’s Your Favorite Pretzel?

  1. spinach and feta is my favorite! 🙂

  2. Chocolate Crumb is my favorite, yum!

  3. Cinnamon Roll – yum.

  4. Spinach & Feta rocks!

  5. Bavarian! Plan, simple, delicious.

  6. My favorite is Cinnamon Roll!

  7. Another Spinach & Feta fan!

  8. Melanie McIntyre

    LOOOOVE the Spinach Feta!

  9. love the cinnamon roll! yummo

  10. love the plain, no salt added, bavarian pretzel. yum,yum!

  11. Sharon McCloud

    I would love to try Cinnamon Roll and I joined your tweet

  12. I’d like the spinach & feta!

    Thanks so much!

  13. i know i’m not able to win anymore, but i did want to comment and say anything with cheese is a tasty pretzel in my book!

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