A Twisted Review and Pretzel Giveaway!

Our good friends at RFAK.org  – Raising Food Allergic Kids have posted a terrific review about our pretzels! RFAK really shares our company vision to being conscious to the ingredients we use in our products. We have lots of friends whose children deal with severe nut allergies. From the very start of our business, we wanted to ensure kids with nut allergies could safely enjoy our twisted treats and we made a commitment to only make nut free soft pretzels.

We sent our Original Variety Sampler to RFAK for them to enjoy and they sent us some terrific pictures that we just have to share! Be sure to check out their posting at RFAK.org and join in on your chance to win some great pretzel prizes!

Pretzels Fresh Out The Oven!


Serving Our New Pretzel Fans!


Cutting Up Our Twisted Treats!


A Pretzel Fan!


Images provided by RFAK.org


2 responses to “A Twisted Review and Pretzel Giveaway!

  1. Very excited to come across this product and potentially win through the RFAK.org Pretzel Giveaway Contest – my food allergy daughter loves pretzels!

  2. I discovered Kim@Scotts pretzels at a childrens fair a few years back, I have been a huge fan ever since. I buy the pizza pretzels and the apple cinnamon pretzels. I bring them to work many times and introduce others to them, everyone loves them! I would like to buy other flavors, expecially the chocolate but I cannot find them anywhere. I also do alot of fundraising, such as Relay for Life, another cancer fundraising event. Perhaps Kim@Scott could arrange a fundraising package to help the events such as these. Thank you for the delicous pretzels!!!

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