A TWISTED Six O’Clock Scramble!

Can a Pretzel be a meal?!? It certainly can, and our friends at the Six O’Clock Scramble believe it too! Read up on their post and see what the buzz is all about as our deliciously soft, stuffed and classic pretzels seems to have satisfied their twisted taste buds!

Thank you for posting your review Scramble friends and welcome to the world of TWISTS!

Click here to see what the Six O’Clock Scramble has to say


2 responses to “A TWISTED Six O’Clock Scramble!

  1. I just found out about your pretzels at the RFAK.org Pretzel Giveaway Contest – if I dont’ win, I will definitely order! My peanut allergic son LOVES soft pretzels

    • Thank you for the wonderful feedback! We are thrilled offer an all-natural and nut-free product to allergy-concerned people like yourself. You can order them on our website or find them in your grocer’s freezer section. ENJOY!

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