Happy American Chocolate Week-Twisted Style!



It’s American Chocolate Week and we have a perfect pretzel to satisfy your sweet tooth! For this week only our Chocolate Crumb Pretzel Pack will be 10% off online. Do you dare to be decadent? How are you celebrating Chocolate Week? We’d love to hear about some of your favorite chocolate delights! Here’s ours…

133 Chocolate Crumb Pretzel Sundae!

Take a warm stuffed Chocolate Crumb Pretzel, add your favorite scoop of all-natural ice cream or frozen yogurt and top with chocolate chips and whipped cream. Chocolate Brilliance!


You can also look for our Chocolate Crumb pretzel in your grocer’s freezer. We are really excited that our flavors are expanding throughout the US in the frozen aisle.  Chocolate Crumb happens to be one of Kim’s favorites and we hope the rest of the world loves it too!

Visit us at http://www.kimandscotts.com.

Happy Chocolate Week…ENJOY!

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