Ohhhh Chocolate Crumb


We received a review through our customer service email that really warmed our hearts.  We can’t express how much this means to us, as we strive to make a delicious and nutritious product, as well as make sure our pretzels are with great purpose!  We’re sharing all the positive vibes with our blog readers:

“Hello! We just wanted to tell you that your pretzels are the absolute best thing to ever enter our mouths! We have tried the apple & cinnamon, Parmesan sourdough, and now the Chocolate Crumb…. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Sooooo goooooood! How do you guys do it, really? The chocolate is so freakin chocolaty and scrumptious, it’s making my mouth water just thinking about it… My partner and I just wanted you to know that your product is, by and large, our new favorite food and we are going to tell as many people as we can to buy them and try them and fall in love with them as much as we have! Thank you for making such a wonderful, nutritious, and socially-responsible food product. It’s inspiring to see the human beings behind the product RIGHT ON THE BOX! Keep doing whatever it is you are doing and we’ll keep buying your pretzels! Thanks again. – Chocolate Crumb addicts”

Thanks to our Chocolate Crumb Addicts for sharing peace, love and pretzels!


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