Charitable Donations in January

Check out our Pretzels for Peace initiative in action! This initiative delivers a strong company commitment to make a difference in our world community, with the purpose to help bring peace throughout.  As a part of the mission, we are always striving to give back to our community by donating product, auction certificates, and services to several charity organizations and causes. Here are the organizations and events we’ve supported recently:

The Cove School Annual Fundraiser
Northbrook Community Nursery
The Family Room Center Fundraiser
McKenzie Elementary School Variety Show
North Park Elementary School Fundraiser
ALS: Holla For a Dolla Annual Fundraiser
Multiple-Sclerosis “Wings of Courage” Fundraising Team
Community Crisis Center in Elgin
East Lake Academy
Cherry Jubilee Preschool
Dawes Elementary School Fundraiser

2 responses to “Charitable Donations in January

  1. WOW !! just had my first pretzel this morning !!
    incredible !!love your concept & your you have a myspace?
    thank you for creation !..i am a buyer in a health food store & i can’t believe something sooooo tasty is healthy too…best pretzel EVER !!!
    check out the website :
    healthy regards,

    • We not only have a MySpace page, but also a Facebook fan page, Facebook cause page (Pretzels for Peace), A Twitter account, and more. You can also sign up to be a member of our Pretzel Club and receive news via email regarding our special offers and news. Visit and click on “Social Spaces.” Thanks for the wonderful feedback! Peace & Pretzels.

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