Twisted Tees!

Our Creative Team has been designing new and innovative T-Shirts in efforts to spice up our image with today’s exciting styles. We are looking for your creative input! Below are some of our latest and greatest designs. Ask yourself these questions as you vote on your favorites…..

1. Which designs would I likely wear?

2. Which designs would I likely buy for a friend or family member?

3. Which designs are more child-oriented, adult-oriented, or are good for both kids and adults?

4. Do you have any additional comments or feedback? Simply reply with a comment to this posting.

Slogan Twisting Cafe

Favorite Flavor

Pretzel Power

Pretzels with a Purpose

Yoga Girl

Get Twisted

Pretzels for Peace

Twisted Path

We are out to please you! So your vote is very valuable- Now Get TWISTED with TEES!

26 responses to “Twisted Tees!

  1. How about mix matching? The front design of number seven and the back will be the front of number eight. It can be worn by both kids and adults.

    Same goes with number the one shirt, the front is the number one design and the back should be the number four back logo.

    Any other color besides these two shades we now carry?
    How about other shades like black,white or even gray? They are popular colors to wear.

  2. Twisted is just …….twisted! and great. I think anyone could wear them and I know high schoolers love wild things or comments that have an edge. Considering my children have eaten enough pretzels to create a twisted world, the shirt would most fit them. Brown, beige is good – resembles the warmth and look of the pretzel itself. Perhpas a pretzel key chain to go with? Good luck and thanks for incredible pretzels!
    Amy & TeamBacker
    St. Charles, IL

  3. Mix matching is good. Also black, white (if heavy enough so you can’t see through it) and gray. Red, navy, pink, purple would be good also.

  4. I would really like #3 … if the words were on individual lines. (I know – semetrical isn’t very creative!) I really like the front design on #8, but 6 & 7 get my vote as is.

    Little trivia: Freeport, IL is offically known as “Pretzel City” and the Freeport High School sports teams are the Pretzels. Bet your T-shirts would sell here … school colors are orange and black.

  5. What I’d really like to see on a T is some celtic pretzel knotwork around the border, if you know what I mean, wink wink, nudge nudge.

  6. I agree with the mix and match concept. My favorite tee has to be “Get Twisted” and I think what Amy Backer said about the key chains is a great idea.

  7. I like to twist for peace and the twisting cafe shirts. I don’t like the tshirt where you put your favorite pretzel, won’t the ink get washed off or worse all over your clothes when you wash it?

  8. When it comes to info on shirts, I like simple…I don’t want someone standing there reading me. Thus, I picked #6…I think that works best for adults. For kids, #1. I do like the yoga one as well, but for me, she’s too cute for the message. But that’s just me.

    Hope this helps in some way.
    Good luck!!!!!


  9. Organic clothing?

  10. I love your pretzels… however I will be very candid here… I don’t think I would wear any of the T’s shown above :o(

    I think a neat idea would be a shirt with simply a cool quote (one with a “twist”), in a neat font… on an organic cotton tee? Here is a neat website:
    A pretzel on the sleeve or pocket w/ Kim and Scotts on it – subtle, but noticeable branding. Good luck with this project!

  11. Any chance you’ll add fitted (women’s) T-shirts to the line? My favorite designs are #1 & #5.

  12. Love this tee- also love a few others, but would love to have one of these without a doubt!

  13. The brown color fits with a pretzel but I think other colors might be good – sell better. Probably wouldn’t buy a brown shirt but I love the pretzels. They are the BEST!

  14. I like #7 but not yellow!

  15. How about combining five and three on a tie-dyed shirt. It would give the retro 60’s look when people discovered yoga and healthy foods and just enjoying the good things in life (like stuffed pretzels).

  16. All the shirts are good for adults but I think #1 and #3 are best for kids. I agree with different colors options, too.

  17. Other Ideas
    “Not your Mothers Pretzels”

    “Do you Twist?” Person Twisting on Pretzel on back

    “We Twist Together?

  18. Nice job on all. Good variety. Well conceived designs.

    #1 is good for everybody and reads well.
    #3 is good for boys, but might want to reverse the colors light on dark)
    #6 is the best and is good for everyone. Clear, clean, succinct, fun double-entendre.

    As a side note, girls might like #5

  19. Hi guys!
    I like #6 followed by #3 the best except I don’t wear brown or yellow myself. Not good colors on me. #1 seems most suited for kids and #3 for adults or adolecents. I love the message on #7 but would rather see it more graphically represented like #3. It’s really hard to land on a T shirt design!!
    Gave my guys pizza pretzels for afterschool snack just today! Love you as always!

  20. Love the designs, good for kids and adults. But I hate t shirts that have a huge design on the front, unless they’re fitted (for women). A small thing on front, and a large design on back is better.

  21. Agree with the color issue. Need lots of colors – aside from Kim & Scott’s corporate colors. One of my favorite shirts is from the Caribbean – a restaurant called Shark Bite – and on the front it has a small one liner (My what big teeth you have) and on the back – huge logo. Might be nice to also have #3 with Get Twisted on the front and the web site (small, tastefully done) then the design on the back.

  22. Hi guys,
    I like them all pretty much but the flavored one (#2). Reason being, I like more then 1 of your flavors, so how would that one work out for others in the same boat that I am in? I also like Dan’s idea of saying that these are not your mother’s Pretzel’s. These(your’s) are better! The #3 tee, I could leave out. It is to basic for me. Love the Pretzel’s with a purpose idea, but the print is to small to really read it. I absolutely love number 6 (my all time favorite) but hope it will be offered in different colors for females and males. Will you be offering men’s styling and women’s styling? That might be another idea to seel more. I sure hope this helps you and I’m looking forward to having a shirt of mine own once they are released. Great idea coming up with tees!Love you always and keep up the great work!

    Keep Twisting!

  23. Alesha Oliver Land

    I love the idea of amy’s of mixing them up also 3-4, 5/6, 7/8, diff colors, love the slogans; pls be sure to Inc plus size( up to 3x) as a lot of places don’t;( & kiddies sizes too…. Look forward to getting..discts with multiple purc or with purchase of pretzels?!

  24. Alesha Oliver Lane

    See above



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