New flavors

Kim and I and our R&D team are sitting here at Kim and Scott’s pretzel HQ wondering whether people will like a chocolate banana stuffed pretzel …What d’ya think?

2 responses to “New flavors

  1. I LOVE the chocolate banana pretzel idea. I love that flavor combinationHow about a chocolate pretzel with banana filling– much like a chocolate covered frozen banana! My family loves these and would love this pretzel.

  2. You guys are just great, I found out about you when I went to buy something at my local Walgreens and there was a pretzel you’d made. I was completely shocked anyone cared at all about soft pretzels, heck I thought I was the only fan =P I tried it and was like “thank god someone…” then I ate it!

    That Walgreens stopped carrying them though after awhile, however I saw some of you on The Big Idea and liked what I heard. Love the pretzels and eat’m too!!

    This is a great idea, even if it wasn’t super popular it would still just be fantastic to eat one. I love bananas, and I love chocolate. Why not try something even more unique, a white chocolate pretzel with bananna! lulz Different flavors of chocolate for it?! Grrrrrrr

    Let’s see what ideas I can give ya, ohhhhh here’s one, a pretzel stuffed with blueberries?! Call them Fruitastic Pretzels! lulz

    Wow I got so many ideas…. Sushi pretzel? eww ;0

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