we love giving to a worthy cause

Some of you may not know that we are a company that is grounded in giving back to our community and we are always willing to lend a hand to organizations that share our vision and mission. We think that it would be great to let you know what we’ve been doing recently to further that mission.

During this past month we donated over 250 pretzels to an organization called “Hands of Peace”. The mission of Hands of Peace is to foster long term peaceful coexistence among Jewish-Israelis, Arab Israelis, and West Bank Palestinians by bringing young people from the Middle East together with American teens in an interfaith setting. We donated 200 pretzels for an event they hosted on July 18th and also lunch for all of their students on July 23rd.

We also have a great relationship with a group called “Have a Heart/Adopt A Soldier”. During the past year we’ve sent packages to several of our troops serving overseas. Last week we donated over 100 of our Double Dipped Pretzel Rods to be sent over to the troops.

We’ve also been working with an organization called “Homes for Our Troops”. Through their organization we have donated several Pretzel Packs to veterans who have been injured while in service. We are excited to continue to donate to such a great cause.

We hope that we can continue to help these organizations and others like them and continue to serve our world community.


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