Twist ‘n Top is catching on!

Today we had 28 twist ‘n tops at our twisting cafe at the Kohl Children’s Museum, just north of Chicago! That’s 28 kids all twisting pretzels, topping them, painting them…and then we baked them. For the twisting activity, the kids wear aprons and hats, and they get a pretzel twisting kit with a pretzel coloring book. It’s so fulfilling to see the proud looks on the kids’ faces when they see the pretzels they have made. It’s that interactive experience that makes our cafe so unique. We offer the twisting from 10am-12pm and from 2pm-4pm daily; kids are going crazy over it and are coming back to the muesum to twist pretzels! We’ve had record crowds in the past few weeks. So many kids are out of school, and the weather has been very rainy and hot.  We’re loving the crowds, and it’s been great to see our team in sync. They really work well together, led by our amazing General Manager. We’re working on details for our next two locations. I’ll have to keep you posted. More later from our twisted adventure, Kim.


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